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We apologise in advance for banging on about our London trip but we must share one more place with you that we think you're going to love just as much as we do, Rawligion! We've both visited Rawligion a few times before and were so in love with the place we made it our mission to fit it in to our schedule somewhere.

Rawligion is an organic juice and raw snack bar a stones throw away from Goodge Street tube station.  Now we know that there are hundreds of juice bars all over the city and more popping up daily, but Rawligion is special.  So what sets it apart? Well that's easy! 

It's completely vegan, 100% organic and gluten free!  Which is music to our ears.  A great deal of their food is raw (meaning its never heated above 42 degree centigrade).  This may sound strange but maintaining food in it's raw state retains the nutritional value of the ingredients.  Imagine eating your favourite snacks knowing they have added health benefits.


One of our favourite features of the juice bar is their wall, covered in their mission and reasons behind their food and drink.  You can't help but pause for a moment before you order and soak in the vast knowledge and inspiring words upon the wall. Rawligion’s values are clear, they are sourcing the best quality food, combined with medicinal properties and are passionate about organic.  Staff are extremely helpful and knowledgable.  If you're completely new to this type of food please don't be intimidated.  The staff at Rawligion go out of their way to make you feel welcome and talk about the benefits of what they have on offer.  They might even offer you samples to try if you're not sure what to go for!


So we thought we'd give you a break down of all our favourite food and drink...Remember to let us know what you have tried and what your favourites are in the comment box below!

Relax Milk - Apart from tasting smooth, creamy and delicious the relax milk contains CBD oil.  For those of you that haven't heard of CBD oil, (cannabinoid) is an active compound in hemp.  However it is non psychoactive but research has suggested it has many benefits such as anti-inflammatory, and even anti cancer properties!

Brain Mylk latte - need to seriously fuel your working day? We are both very mindful about the type of coffee we drink. Brain Mylk, which can be ordered hot or cold is the perfect way to upgrade your normal coffee.  Made with walnuts, dates, sunflower lecithin, cold drip coffee!


Buckwheat Krispies - Despite having 'wheat' in it's name buckwheat is gluten free.  We love these raw krispies!  Imagine a healthfied high vibe version of rice crispy cakes - remember those?

Matcha latte - Ok, so we know you've heard us mention matcha a lot, but we can't resist adding this to our favourite list.  Rawligion's matcha latte is one of the best we've tasted, no joke!  Their homemade almond milk takes the taste to another level.

Botanical Shots -  Liquid gold and RawWoman are our favourites.  Each one has a different health benefit and long list of awesome ingredients including mushroom complex, magnesium, E3 Live. 


We love that Rawligion are mixing great taste and nutrition together.  The quality of their organic ingredients really shines through; we ask anyone to give them a try and not notice the incredible vibrance light up you taste buds.  Making organic nutritious food accessible is something we whole heartedly support.  The price of some of what Rawligion's has on offer may put some people off, but we always remind ourselves of the quality of what we are eating.  We would rather pay a bit extra for something delicious and nutritious than turn to a low quality McDonald's meal that's going to make us feel lethargic and unhappy.

Why shouldn't healthy food feel indulgent and delightful?  The old archaic idea of being vegan and healthy, chewing on a stick of celery all day long needs to be forgotten!! Give us raw truffles, shortbread, coffee chocolate bars all day long and at least now you'll know where to get them.

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