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Sustainable Sunday

Sustainable Sunday

We thought we'd spice it up a bit and bring you a Halloween themed Sustainable Sunday!  Ok so we're not dressed up in costume, but we are prepping for our trick or treaters this coming Tuesday!

We've had many people approach us who want to start shopping sustainably but feel that they cannot afford or don't have access to sustainable shops or prefer not to shop online.  Although we believe there are many reasonably priced organic and fair trade clothes out there we wanted to let you know that there are other ways to make more conscious choices about where you shop for fashion!


Second hand clothing is a growing trend.  We may have seen it as 'uncool' when our mums dragged us into a charity shop when we were kids, but buying second hand these days for us means great prices, unique finds and can often mean contributing to a great cause.  


Charity shops, Ebay, thrift stores, vintage stores, consignment stores, car boots, vintage fayres...there's so many places to pick up second hand clothing! 

By purchasing second hand you are limiting the amount of clothes going into landfill, its a great alternative to shopping on the high street at fast fashion chains.  There is a plethora of charity shops in Wales (you are guaranteed to find them in every town).  Independent vintage shops are also growing through out the UK, where you will be able to find unique pieces.  


We have found that second hand vintage clothes are better quality than what is offered by fast fashion brands, meaning they last longer.  Reusing and recycling also expands the lifespan of clothes reducing their carbon footprint.

So many people part take in throw away fashion! If you're thinking of parting with an item of clothing take it to a charity shop where you feel passionate about their cause. Or maybe take a local sewing class and learn how to repair your clothes so you can continue to love and wear them.  


Nat is wearing a jumper from Crossroads a fantastic consignment store chain in Los Angeles that sells second hand pieces, some used and some brand new. You can also trade in your own clothes for credit at their stores! 

Ceri is wearing a denim shirt from an Oxfam charity shop, in North Wales.  We also love the organic and fair trade products Oxfam has on offer like Grumpy Mule coffee! 

We sourced our jeans many moons ago from when we were students in London at Beyond Retro, a quirky vintage store.  

Please let us know if you love to shop second hand!  If you haven't had the chance to check out our last Sustainable Sunday post, head here to find out about an incredible UK based organic brand!

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