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Natural Beauty with Content Beauty Creator

Natural Beauty with Content Beauty Creator

We are over the moon to share with you guys an exclusive interview with the fantastic, bright and beautiful Imelda Burke! Author of 'The Nature of Beauty' and owner of our favourite London based organic skincare store 'Content Beauty'.

Imelda Burke is the go to woman for natural beauty in London and has an impressive list of followers that depend on her for advice on clean cosmetics such as Emma Watson, Ella Mills from 'Deliciously Ella', Melissa Hemsley from 'Hemsley + Hemsley' and Tata Harper! 

We are both huge fans of Content's online website as they have a great range of vegan and organic products and always love visiting the store in London when we're in town.  On our most recent visit we both indulged in a 90 minute facial that left our skin feeling soft, smooth, bright and clear.  We highly recommend their vegan treatmens!  They used Pai organic skincare products on our skin which is a 100% vegan skincare line! 

We know you are absolutely going to love what Imelda has to say and you'll be dying to visit Content Beauty soon to take advantage of what they have to offer in store including some of the wonderful treatments and therapies. 



Who and what is CONTENT Beauty?

At CONTENT Beauty & Wellbeing, we have always done things a bit differently. I launched CONTENT as the first dedicated organic and natural beauty boutique of its type in the world with our Marylebone shop in 2008 – before it was the trend natural skincare is today.

We’re still in the same location on Bulstrode Street but also have an online store where we ship out our curated selection of the best organic skincare, make-up, sustainable living essentials and more worldwide. From our instore treatment room, we offer organic facials and complimentary therapies such as acupuncture and naturopathy.

I also like to explore ways the beauty industry can have a different conversation with its customers. This year we launched three initiatives:

  •  Bye Bye Perfect – we removed the word “perfect” from the product descriptions on our website.
  •  VAT Free Sanitary products – we now pay the VAT for or customers so they don't have to.
  •  RE:CONTENT – while we have always had a ‘Shop by Ethos’ filter on our website, last year we introduced ethos badges to allow people at a glance to see if an item is vegan, certified organic and more. This summer, we took this to next level by introducing RE:CONTENT, a hub to shop existing products that fit into a zero-waste lifestyle. It includes new additions that are reusable, with refillable packaging, housed in recycled or recyclable packaging as well as the option to shop products in glass and biodegradable packaging.

What inspired you to launch a zero waste section on your website?

If you are conscious about what you are putting in your makeup bag and on your skin, it’s not too big of a leap to assume you are a conscious consumer in other aspects of your life.

That was definitely the case with us. Our Marylebone store already had zero waste aspects to its story. The cupboard doors are cut from a material made from recycled vending machine coffee cups. The light fittings, stools and collection of vintage hand mirrors are all second life and the paint is nontoxic, low/no emission.
Because we were looking to transition more in our own lives to reduce waste, we knew others would be seeking the same. So we applied the same research process that we do when bringing in new cosmetics or skincare lines to the lifestyle products we wanted to make easier to access in the UK and around the world.


Why do you think people should be more mindful about their waste when purchasing beauty and wellbeing products?

When revisiting stats around plastic ahead of our launch of our RE:CONTENT categories, it was unsettling to say the least to be reminded the environmental toll everyday single use and disposables is having. We were already long-time advocates keeping plastics out of our of organic period care products with Yoni and brought in OrganiCup for a zero waste option. But at the end of the day, CONTENT isn’t here to tell people what they should and shouldn’t think. Instead, we are all about providing our customers with choices. The choice to keep synthetics and toxic ingredients out of your beauty and wellbeing products, and more options for living and buying in line with your personal ethos. Obviously selling beauty products is fraught with waste issues, but it is exciting to celebrate the brands that are sticking to glass even though it’s more expensive, or making refillable products.

Have you seen a surge of interest in zero waste beauty enquiries?

We are lucky enough to have a very savvy, smart community of customers at CONTENT and “zero waste” is a buzzword you hear more and more on the shop floor. Which we welcome!

The online response to the launch of RE:CONTENT and the addition of a new way to shop our site was incredibly positive. It was exciting to see so many on the same page as us. We strive to be a resource for those already comfortably making zero waste choices as well as for those just starting out – just as we always have been a source for those on their green beauty journey.


Are there any brands that feature vegan and zero waste / reusable or recyclable products?

Definitely! Some of our latest additions include vegan ranges BYBI Beauty and Evolve. BYBI’s new tubes are made from compostable plastic made from sugarcane whilst Evolve packaging is either recycled glass or post-consumer recycled plastic.  Also check out Konjac Sponges which are made from a highly sustainable plant that you can compost to biodegrade after use. For BPA-free reusables on the go, our favourites are sustainable Bambu cutlery, glass and metal reusable straws and Stelton Click Cups for coffee or hot beverages out. There’s so many options but the best place is to head to the RE:CONTENT section on our website or narrow the categories by vegan or your preferred ethos in the sidebar menu.

Our readers are passionate about being conscious about the purchases they make, why should they choose organic beauty cosmetics?

There are so many reasons to choose organic for your beauty routine that I managed to fill a whole book, The Nature of Beauty, about it! But one reason that comes back time and time again is that natural skincare is often locally made in small batches with sustainability and the environment in mind. The money that goes back to these companies in product sales can enhance local communities, support fair trade practices and organic growers in developing countries around the world. It’s nice to know that your money is more likely to go into a community rather than global marketing campaigns.


We can't thank Imelda enough for taking the time to answer our questions, we've learnt so much and we hope you have too! If you can't make it down to London anytime soon we strongly suggest checking Content Beauty's online store out for yourselves! Looking to learn more about the skincare brand used for our facials?  We have a whole post dedicated to Pai Skincare, click here to read more! 

Let us know in the comment section below if you loved this post and what natural vegan beauty products you can't live without?

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