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Join The Medicinal Mushroom Revolution!

Join The Medicinal Mushroom Revolution!

Four Sigmatic is a brand we are crazy in love with.  We first discovered them when Nat was working at Whole Foods Market in 2014, our first reaction and thought (as we're sure most people think pre-mushroom enlightenment) was….mushrooms in a drink?  Strange, surely that can't taste good?  And why?   However we were so intrigued we were instantly drawn to them.  We first tried their mushroom hot chocolate… smooth, chocolatey and delicious.  Ok, we thought, we're down with that!  Then came cordyceps and reishi...Anyway we are getting a little ahead of ourselves let's back up a bit and tell you a bit about Four Sigmatic. 


Four Sigmatic is a company specialising in adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms.   Medicinal mushrooms are a functional food, no we're not talking your average chestnut or psychedelic mushroom but other mushrooms with amazing properties (with super cool names) like reishi, cordyceps, lions mane, turkey tail (completely vegan). These mushrooms are adaotogenic, meaning when ingested they help adapt and adjust to what ever stresses your body is under without being a stimulant.   Did you know that a lot of prescription medication actually contain and originate from fungi?  Many of these mushrooms contain powerful health benefits. and Four Sigmatic have created an easy, tasty way to incorporate them into you daily routine.


All of the following products come in small sachets, which you can buy in a pack, so they are totally portable and easy to use!  FYI this is not a sponsored post, these are our honest opinions!  Another amazing thing about the Four Sigmatic mushrooms is that they are dual extracted.  Which basically means that both the water soluble and fat soluble properties of the mushrooms have been extracted - allowing you to reap all the benefits from the mushrooms. 

We've tried and tested almost all of their range so here's the low down on their products and why you should buy them! 

Chaga Elixir - Chaga aka The King of Mushrooms packs in a punch of anti-oxidants and zinc that can be helpful for your skin.  It's also great for travelling and for general use in the winter months when you may be susceptible to colds and flus.  Chaga is Nat's favourite for its anti inflammatory properties.  The Chaga elixir has an earthy flavour, with added rose hip (source of vitamin C)  and mint the mix tastes fresh and warm.

Reishi Elixir - Reish known as the Queen of Mushrooms can support your immune system as well as having adaptogenic properties including lowering stress and helping you get a better nights sleep.  The blend contains mint, star anise and liquorice.  Even though the mix of flavours may sound strange the taste is actually very soothing and enjoyable just with hot water!

Lion's Mane - When either of us are needing to work or get our thinking caps on we reach for this blend.  Got an exam to study for?  An extra hard day at work? Lion's Mane gives your brain a boost by optimising cognitive performance. How you may ask?  Some research has suggested that lion's mane can enhance brain function and support the nervous system.  The mental alertness we get from this product by far surpasses any other product we've tried for focus. 

Mushroom Coffee - looking to upgrade your coffee but still wanting that sweet coffee taste and caffeine hit?  Four Sigmatic instant mushroom coffee comes in an instant single packet, add hot water and you're ready to go.  Contains shade grown coffee without the use of pesticides, thumbs up from ESO!  Whether you're wanting to get stimulated without the jitters or increase productivity.  You have the choice of two blends; one containing lions mane and chaga and the other containing cordyceps and chaga.  These are Ceri's favourite!  

Mushroom Hot Cacao - Made with coconut sugar, cinnamon and cardamom the reishi hot chocolate is the perfect beverage to curl up in the evening and sip on whilst sitting by the fire.  We like to steam some almond or cashew milk and mix in the hot chocolate powder.  Although not our cup of tea the Cordyceps Hot Cacao is one for lovers of chocolate and spicy cayenne pepper!  If you're wanting a pick me up in the winter months and don't want to reach for a coffee this could be for you. 


We also can't get enough of Four Sigmatic's latest new product.  Their Mushroom Matcha with Ginger and lion's maine.  This product is not available in the UK yet, but we are hoping if we make enough of a noise the funguys over in the States may hear us! This product takes the matcha experience to a whole other level.  The taste is incredible and Nat who is sensitive to caffeine rates it as the top matcha she's tried without any after effects like anxiety or nervousness.  The caffeine lift is a calming and centring one.  

Tero Isokauppila the founder of Four Sigmatic, known as the original funguy, has recently released a book titled "Healing Mushrooms".  It's perfect for anyone wanting to delve a little deeper into the specific benefits of each mushroom.  The book also contains recipes with so many different and fun ways to enjoy mushrooms!  Although not all the recipes are vegan there are many labelled and a lot of the vegetarian recipes can also be adapted to be vegan.  If you're wanting to learn more about the incredible benefits of mushrooms in a very accessible and enjoyable way this book is for you!  

Have you guys tried any of Four Sigmatic blends?  If so which are your favourite?  Or if you're new to the fungi party which appeals to you?

Green Friday is the new Black Friday!

Green Friday is the new Black Friday!

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WCW with Bridget Brown from Filbert