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Kick start your health with "The 5 Day Juicing Diet"

Kick start your health with "The 5 Day Juicing Diet"

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My name is Megan Roosevelt, I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the founder of HealthyGroceryGirl.com as well as the Healthy Grocery Girl YouTube Channel! I’m so honoured to be guest blogging today to share with you a delicious recipe from my new book,  “The 5 Day Juicing Diet” which is now available on Amazon! (and UK Amazon)

The 5 Day Juicing Diet includes everything you need to know to start making fresh homemade juices from how to pick the right juicer for you to over 100 recipes. The book includes a 5-day Plant-Powered Plan that is designed to nourish your body - no deprivation! This is not a “dieting” book, rather it’s a nourishment plan. You’ll enjoy a combination of fresh juices, blended juices, snacks and meals to help sip and eat your way to long-term health.

This excerpt from my book is a great introduction to juicing and why it’s a wonderful compliment to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also included a “Very Berry Juice” recipe from my book below. This juice is a great beginner juice made with everyday simple ingredients. It tastes great, is packed with nutrients and perfect for all ages!

So what is juicing? Technically, juicing is a process of extracting the liquid from plant matter such as fruits and vegetables. To achieve this, you need to be really strong! Just kidding—juice requires a juicer, and a blended juice requires a blender. One cup of juice can often contain the nutrition of 10 cups of fruits and vegetables, which is a powerful way to saturate your body with nutrients. In the chapters to come, we’ll explore the benefits of juicing, juicing versus blending, equipment options, and more.

Because freshly squeezed juice is so nutrient-dense, it’s a great way to help us meet and exceed our recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies. In fact, the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020 recommends that fruits and vegetables make up half our plate. And with good reason: The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are necessary for the optimal functioning of every system in the body and are associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases.




Fruit Based & Low Sugar   |   Makes 1 Serving

Berries are special because they are low in sugar yet full of flavour. They’re also known for their high antioxidant properties; raspberries contain a plant polyphenol known as quercetin, which has been known to help fight cancer, mitigate heart disease, and slow the ageing process. Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich foods in the world—and they’re irresistibly yummy! Romaine, cucumber, and lemon boost the juice yield in this recipe, but they also pack in even more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.



5 cups of romaine lettuce

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of raspberries

1 cucumber

1 lemon, peeled


Directions: Prepare all the ingredients by rinsing, scrubbing, or peeling as necessary. Cut the ingredients to a size appropriate for your juicer. Process all the ingredients in the juicer, and enjoy within 1 hour.

You can order a copy of The 5 Day Juicing Diet Here!

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For more recipe and wellness inspiration follow Megan Roosevelt, RDN and Healthy Grocery Girl on Instagram, YouTube and the HGG Website!

Oway Organic Hair Care

Oway Organic Hair Care

Woman Crush Wednesday featuring Megan Roosevelt aka Healthy Grocery Girl

Woman Crush Wednesday featuring Megan Roosevelt aka Healthy Grocery Girl