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Oway Organic Hair Care

Oway Organic Hair Care

How many of you are thinking of turning to natural beauty or are in the process of doing so?  Mind Body Green have already predicted natural beauty to be one of the biggest wellness trends in 2018 and we couldn't agree more! 

We absolutely love the fact that more people are making the switch, detoxing their make up kits and opting for natural, organic products that contain safe ingredients that are not only kind to our skin but the planet too!  In previous posts we have shared our favourite skincare and make up brands and have interviewed Imelda Burke, author of 'The Nature of Beauty' * and owner of Content Beauty, an organic skin care store in London, which you can read here.  We are both so passionate about choosing organic and natural products and can't wait to share with you one specific hair care brand that we're obsessing over at the moment, Oway! 


Conventional shampoo and conditioner normally contain parabens, artificial colourings, synthetic fragrances and even petroleum which is a chemical used in petrol and diesel!  It's absolutely shocking that these toxic ingredients are allowed anywhere near our bathroom never mind on our hair and skin. Thankfully more people are becoming educated and are opting to detox from these chemical agents and instead choosing trustworthy brands who are transparent when it comes to their ingredient list and values.  One of these fantastic brands is Oway. 


Oway are a hair care brand that use biodynmanic, organic and fair trade ingredients.  They are on a powerful mission to change the professional hair care industry.   Using ingredients derived from plants and essential oils, Oway are one of the best natural hair care ranges we've come across.  Not only are the ingredients incredible but their packaging, beautiful transparent glass bottles, are 100% recyclable.  We love to reuse the bottles as containers for our hand wash, washing up liquid and cleaning products (#zerowastetip)! 


Not only does Oway have a hair care range including shampoo and conditioners but their hair dyes are also just as amazing! Finally, a non toxic hair dye that works!!  We are so lucky that our local salon here in Swansea, Jamie Hill Salon use Oway as their main hair product line, from their dyes to the shampoo, conditioners and even the styling products. Oway's HColor dyes are 100% ammonia free, formulated with essential oils and biodynamic hibiscus extract. The dyes are 100% vegan and certified cruelty free by PETA.  We have been having our hair highlighted with Oway's HColor at Jamie Hill's Salon for the past year and can guarantee that the color does not fade, the dye doesn't smell potent or over powering and doesn't leave that burning sensation you get from conventional dyes.  Instead your hair feels conditioned, healthy and clean!


Most of Oway's line are vegan (however some of their hair care products do contain honey).  We both use the color protection hair bath shampoo and color protection conditioner mask daily (which you can purchase directly at Jamie Hill's Salon) and are so worth the investment as they last ages! Danielle, our beautiful, trusty hair stylist was kind enough to let us document Ceri at Jamie Hill's salon where we photographed her transformation.  We couldn't recommend Jamie's salon enough, from the products to the wonderfully inviting and friendly service!

We'd love to hear if you've used Oway and what your go-to favourite organic hair care products are!  Get in touch with us in the comments! 



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