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This is Your Year

This is Your Year

January can sometimes feel like a time of uncertainty.  Those guilty feelings that you've eaten too much over Christmas start creeping in, sadness that the festive season is over (which we are totally guilty of) or maybe the unappealing weather (hello darkness and rain) makes you want to curl up on the sofa and never leave the house.

Everyone is making resolutions left right and centre and although its good to press the refresh button, you may feel overwhelmed that you've got to jump on the latest 'diet' or fad.  However with one year ending and another beginning we are making the conscious effort to reframe this as a special time of year.  Step away from those negative thoughts and unhelpful critical judgements!

Instead we are setting intentions for the year ahead. The last year has been such a special one for us at Eat Sleep Organic and we've absolutely loved every minute of writing this blog and sharing our passions with you all. 2018 is going to be an amazing year, we can feel it in our bones!  Let's make this year great together.  

We thought it was only right to share all of our intentions with you in the hope that they will inspire your own! We would love you to share your own intentions with us, by doing so we believe we can all inspire each other.  These intentions are not rigid resolutions, we don't intend to be hard on ourselves if we aren't able to commit to them every single day, but we want to use them as a reminder to ourselves if we are feeling in a funk or need a positive reminder to keep trying.  We are choosing to welcome these things into our lives!




To complete an hours Yoga Practice everyday

To not press the snooze button

To complete and read one book a month

To begin exercising outdoors whether it be running, cycling or just yoga outdoors.

To start writing a gratitude journal 

Attend more events

Being as present as possible in peoples' company

Doing more for others





To eat each meal more mindfully - ie. no working at the laptop or on my phone whilst eating.

Getting out into the fresh air every single day, whether it be rain or sun (lets face it it's usually rain in Wales!)

Drink more water!  

Motivate myself to begin working out at home instead of the gym.  

Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning and not reach for my phone first thing when I wake. 

Listen to more podcasts that challenge my own point of view. 

We would like to share an intention we are both working towards and would love you all to be involved as well.  We are dedicating 2018 to self love!  This is going to be a recurring theme throughout the year, as we feel that we personally need a reminder to be gentle with ourselves and practice self care.  We are pretty sure that most of you would agree that it's easy to be loving towards others however it is much harder to treat ourselves with kindness.  Again this is not meant to be a fad or regimented rule where you must take a bath filled with rose petals surrounded by 10 candles and incense but it should be whatever you choose.  Even 5 minutes sitting down on the sofa or mindfully making a cup of tea or matcha latte can count! There are no rules. 

We would love to hear about your favourite ways to practice self care! Comment below or get in touch with us through our social media channels.  If you're looking to set your own intentions we have fair fashion, vegan foodeco travel and organic living inspiration up on the blog! 




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