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Sustainable Sunday

Sustainable Sunday

We are so excited to share with you our first ever Sustainable Sunday post!  Once a month we will be sharing brands that we're really passionate about.  Eco fashion brands that are using ethical practices, vegan and organic materials and are mindful of their ecological foot print on this wonderful earth.  We'll be featuring pioneers of sustainable fashion as well as exciting small brands.        

There are so many people and animals that are exploited all over the world in the fast fashion industry.  Through our Sustainable Sunday project we will be sharing with you why its so important to support eco fashion companies that put environment and social responsibility at the centre of their mission. 


Dress by People Tree:  People Tree are pioneers in ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion.  We especially love that you can see exactly where and how the products are made on their website.  This dress is made by Assisi Garments in India, a social enterprise that provides training and employment for deaf, mute and economically disadvantaged women.  It's made with organic cotton; meaning no harsh chemicals or pesticides are used in the growth and production of the material. HOW FREAKING COOL!! 

You can shop People Tree using the link below:

People Tree April Banner

Shoes and Bags by Matt and Nat:  Can you believe they are all VEGAN?! Matt and Nat are a vegan accessory company based in Canada.  The lining of their bags are made with 100% recycled bottles.  They use cruelty free materials and are constantly researching new ways to incorporate sustainable materials into their designs. 



Dress by Threads For Thought: Threads For Thought are our go to brand for sustainable wardrobe pieces!  This versatile dress is made with organic cotton and recycled materials. Thee brand are committed to giving back and work with factories that treat their workers ethically and humanely.  

Trainers by Ethletic: Be warned once your hear about Ethletic you are going to want to run and buy a pair of their trainers in every single style and colour!  They use FSC certified rubber and FLO (Fair Trade Labelling Organisations International) certified fair trade organic cotton to make their sneakers! 

Necklace by Soulku: Soulku's mission is to empower women.  Their necklaces are made with gemstones that each have unique healing powers.  They are a mother owned and operated business based in North Carolina USA and share a percentage of each sale to non-profit organisations that help to support, encourage and empower women.  For those of you living in South Wales you can buy their necklaces from Urban Zen Yoga Boutique in Swansea.  

We captured these wonderful outfits at our favourite local independent cinema (who also happen to sell organic peppermint tea).  Cinema & Co are an indie film house that sell local Welsh produce and locally roasted coffee in their cafe! 



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