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Summer Getaway Essentials

Summer Getaway Essentials

Super excited to be taking a trip to Madrid this weekend.  I thought it would give me the perfect opportunity to share my essentials for travelling. 

My goal for this trip and post was to fit everything in a small backpack - a challenge for me as I usually over prepare and over pack! So here's what I've packed for the up and coming long weekend away. 

Re-Kanken Backpack by Re-Kanken - this special edition Re-Kanken backpack is made out of one yarn, from eleven plastic bottles = less energy, less water and less chemicals.  Hard to believe that it's made ENTIRELY of polyester from plastic bottles.  (For anyone wondering I was able to fit everything for a long weekend in perfectly with some space left; hopefully for some sustainable, fair trade goodies to bring back!).

Sunglasses by ICU Eyewear.  These sunglasses are made with recycled plastic, are totally recyclable and certified carbon neutral.  ICU Eyewear is a pioneer in the manufacturing of eco-friendly glasses! They were one of the first eyewear companies to use reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo.  They also give back by donating thousands of reading glasses to those in need every year.

Reusable Bamboo utensil set by To Go Wear and Patagonia.  Step away from the disposable knife and fork!! I carry this utensil set everywhere.  It is so lightweight and yet the bamboo utensils feel much more durable than plastic.  Added bonus - the case is made from recycled PET plastic, so not only are you prepared to eat anywhere at anytime (always a good thing) you are also preventing unnecessary waste.

Card holder by Matt and Nat.  The card holder is part of a Matt and Nat wallet. Matt and Nat are one of our favourite vegan accessory brands. What I especially love about it is that it's removable, so I can can use it when carrying a small bag or want a light weight option. 

Pouch by the Onikas.  This fair trade and handprinted Hamsa pouch was made by artisans in  India.  I'm using this as a coin purse, but can be used to hold jewellery, cards etc. 

To go coffee cup by Keep Cup.  Oh how I love this cup...the colours, the design and most of all the materials! Although I purchased the cup in size small I would advise buying the medium....just so that you can fit in more of your matcha latte, organic dairy free cappuccino or whatever takes your fancy! 

Reusable straw.  I can't remember where I purchased this straw as it's been with me for a while.  I'm sure by now most people know the devastating effects disposable straws are having on the earth so go get yourself a glass straw and carry it in your handbag. 

Food wrap by U-Konserve. These wraps are designed to use in replacement of disposable 'to go bags' used by takeout and cafes.  It is made from LDPE #4 (low density polyethylene which is widely recyclable) and is free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead! This is a fairly new purchase, I hope to use it for all those vegan takeaway donuts I'll be buying. 

Reusable shopping bag by Onya.  My mum bought me this bag years ago! Its incredibly light and can carry a lot! Although the brand describes it as a fruit and veg bag it can be used for any kind of shopping. It's made from post consumer bottles that are recycled and spun into a yarn.

Toiletries - Seeing as I am only taking a carry on, I have chosen travel size items, not the most eco friendly option I know. However only carrying hand luggage you are restricted to small bottles, so I will recycle the bottles and fill them up again to take on my next trip.

Concealer by Lavera.  This concealer is made with organic shea butter, jojoba and coconut oil. It applies really well for a light coverage and contains no nasty ingredients (like synthetic fragrances, parabens, heavy metals which you may be surprised to find are in a lot of conventional make up).  Lavera is a great affordable vegan cosmetic company from Germany. 

Roll on essential oil fragrance by by Neom.  Burst of Energy, Intensive Energy Boosting Treatment is Neom's roll on fragrance.  I absolutely love the scent of grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.  Rolled onto your pulse points, the secret gives you a surge of uplifting energy. It is made with 94% organic ingredients and 100% natural essentials oils. 

Suncream by Goddess Garden.  This suncream was recommended to be by a Whole Foods Market team member in their beauty department.  I had asked for a natural suncream that was vegan and organic and this hit the spot.  It is certified organic, reef safe and biodegradable.  Goddess Garden have a great detailed chart of why it's important to choose natural sun cream which you can check out here

Shampoo, Conditioner and body wash by Dr Organic.  It's so important to chose body care products from brands that are natural and transparent about their ingredients. Dr Organic strive to use organic ingredients where possible, although not all Dr Organic products are vegan (as some contain honey or beeswax) they are clearly labelled on the back of products.  My favourite are the coconut and rose scented shampoos, body wash and conditioner.  Something many people don't know is that Dr Organic head quarters are in Swansea, just down the road from us!

Toothbrush by Humble Brush.  The brush handle is made from 100% biodegrable, sustainably sourced natural bamboo.

Pouch by Bambu.  This organic cotton pouch goes with me everywhere.  I use it for my travel powders, teas and sweeteners so that I'm never without a healthy option. 

Moon Dusts by Moon Juice.  You'll hear Ceri and I talk A LOT about Moon Juice.  We have an up and coming post all about their amazing products.  For now all you need to know is the travel pouches of dust contain adaptogentic superhero blends that you can mix into your coffee, tea, nut milk or water. 

Mushroom Elixirs by Four Sigmatic.  Another amazing company that make sachets of super herbs and mushrooms for on the go.  I can't wait to share more about them in a future post with you. My favourite is the Chaga mushroom blend, tasty even in just warm water! 

Green Superfood powder and Amazing Meal powder by Amazing Grass.  Sometimes it's really difficult to find healthy food on the go, especially in airports so I always ensure I have a green powder on me to mix with water.  If I'm feeling low in energy or haven't eaten for a while I'll chose to have an Amazing Meal powder to ensue I am getting some protein into my body.  Amazing Grass use organic and vegan ingredients, my favourite is their immunity boost containing an organic mushroom blend.  

Coffee alternative by Dandy Blend.  Althought I do drink coffee from time to time it often gives me the jitters so I try to use alternatives.  I have tried many different types and unfortunately a lot of them taste unlike coffee and have a strange after taste.  Dandy Blend is the closest thing I've found to the texture and taste of coffee.  It seriously tastes like a regular cup of joe!

Monkfruit Sweetener by Lakanto .  If I can try and stay away from added sugar I will.  However a great deal of sweeteners are filled with synthetic ingredients made in a lab.  Monkfruit sweetener is a fairly new discovery for me, I'm happy to report that it tastes just like sugar, is zero glycemic, natural and vegan!


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