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What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

Nat shared with you her summer essentials to carry in your travel bag last week.  Now it's my turn to show you what I carry around with me on a day to day basis, giving you a flavour of what an eco, vegan girl's bag would typically be filled with! Some of these items I carry with me everywhere without fail and others like Ruby Warrington's book 'Material girl Mystic world' I currently carry with me since it's what I'm reading at the moment.  

The handbag I use to tote all these lovely goodies in is my trusty Matt & Nat Chanda Pomelo vegan leather bag that I bought from their website. The lining inside is made purely from recycled plastic bottles.  I'm obsessed with the colour and shape! It's also the perfect size to fit everything I need from day to day in it.  

What's in my bag right to left;


Headphones - I carry these things with me everywhere! I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with listening to podcasts at the moment. There are so many inspiring ones to download, my absolute favourite being 'The Ultimate Health Podcast,' created by a couple who interview different people in the wellness world about their stories, inspirations and how they strive to reach their own ultimate health goals.   

Captain Kombucha - Ah yes! Kombucha! I'm sure you've seen Nat and I feature this brand of Kombucha heavily on our Instagram stories and this California Raspberry flavour is by far our favourite. We joked that we should have this kombucha on tap!  Their products are insanely delicious and can now be found stocked in Holland & Barrett, a huge bonus for us Kombucha obsessed fiends!


Amethyst Crystal - I am a complete newbie to crystal healing but after reading more and more about these amazing minerals I just love the idea of them and what they represent. As you can see my collection at the moment is absolutely tiny; just the one amethyst crystal. However I love the idea of collecting crystals from special places by choosing ones that you feel drawn to.  Almost as if they find you rather than you finding them. I got this crystal at the top of a mountain in Saalbach whilst visiting Austria a couple of weeks ago. There was a machine where you submitted an euro and a crystal would appear at the bottom of it!  I now carry it with me everywhere in this pouch as it promotes calm, balance and peace. 


Pukka Supermatcha Green Tea -  Nat and I LOOVE our matcha!! We normally use Tea Pigs matcha powder when at home to make latte's with but when out and about I always carry these tea bags. So handy when visiting friends or staying in a hotel as it's often difficult to find good quality organic tea.  (Bonus if you share them with your friends). 

Neom Intensive Stress Relief Treatment -  Designed to de-stress the body and calm the mind this roll on smells amazing.  I really do feel the benefit of the Neom range and I love their candles too.  When I breathe in the scent of the aromatherapy blend in this stress relief roll-on I feel more calm and centred. It is small enough to carry around with you day to day and is super easy to apply.

Supplement box -  Since I'm vegan I take a B12 supplement that I carry around in this handy box.  I also take supplements like vitamin C, Iron and Zinc that come in glass bottles.  In order to avoid taking these heavy bottles around with me I'll organise them all in the morning and place them in this handy box to take with me. It's also a great reminder to take them since I do sometimes forget.

Neals Yard Energy Roll On - I find this is the product I use the most often.  I roll it on my wrists, neck or behind my ears at least once a day if not more.  It uplifts my mood and the organic essential oils like peppermint keep me alert and focused.  There are a few different roll-ons that you can choose from like travel, night time and study. 

PocketBac Mini Hand Sanitiser - We were lucky enough to receive this product from The Really Good Box, a monthly subscription that contains all things vegan, cruelty free, organic and fair trade.  We had loads of great treats from this box and you can watch our unboxing video on our youtube channel very soon!  I've attended a few festivals over the summer and this little guy would have come in so handy.  Also if you're living in a city it's always a good idea to sanitise your hands regularly.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Alkalising Energy Pouch - Again I carry these with my everywhere since Nat introduced them to me a few months back.  They're amazing for when your on the go and travelling. This flavour is watermelon and tastes great but I also love the chocolate flavour. They contain spirulina, wheat grass, rose hip and so many more amazing organic superfoods! 


Matt & Nat Purse - We love the Matt & Nat range and I bought this purse quite a while back on ASOS eco edit. It is made from vegan leather and I absolutely love the colour.  They have incredible seasonal sales on their site so we encourage you to sign up their newsletter and be the first to hear about these offers. 


Material Girl Mystic World - I'm in the middle of reading this book written by Ruby Warrington. It's a modern spiritual guide for the 21st century woman.  Ruby also writes a blog called The Numinous where she discusses more about astrology and the mystic world.  






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