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Smoothies for the Every-girl!

Smoothies for the Every-girl!

Life is busy and we appreciate that health might not be on the top of everyone's agenda, especially if you're working full time, looking after a family or just feel like your feet never really touch the ground!  Finding the time to look after yourself and your health may seem hard but we promise you it's not impossible.  We believe that committing to one small action every day can lead to some pretty awesome results that will leave you feeling fantastic and ready to take on the world!  Which is why we're encouraging you to spend a few minutes each morning to indulge in one of our delicious smoothies that we've carefully created to suit each and everyone of you, whatever you need or want!

We understand that everyone's different and what works for one might not work for another. You may have never attempted to make a morning smoothie before or you might have tried a few different recipes but the habit never stuck.  You might be an absolute pro who's looking to spice things up through adding superfoods, adaptogens and herbs to your morning blend.  Whoever you are and whatever your style, we've got you covered!

We'd love you to choose one recipe below and commit to making it every morning for the next seven days! Challenge yourself and let us know how amazing you feel at the end of the week.  To inspire you to stick to this challenge we've written the benefits of each smoothie below the recipe.  If you're curious to try all three, even better, let us know which one you love the most!

As always we advise that you buy organic where possible when sourcing these ingredients. You'll find most of the fruit and vegetables at your local green grocers or supermarket.  In the third recipe we do include some superfoods and adaptogens that you may have to source outside of your normal shopping routine, however Holland & Barrett and Amazon are both great for stocking these kinds of powders, so have a look online or in store and let us know how you get on.


For the Minimalist

1 Banana

1 Cup of Kale

1 tbsp Almond Butter

1 Cup of Organic Oat Milk

This smoothie is designed for the woman who loves simplicity! A four ingredient smoothie that's as fast to make as it is to drink.  Although it only contains four ingredients it's by no means the least nutritious. Did you know that kale contains more iron than beef, which helps transport oxygen around your body.  Packed full of calcium, magnesium from the banana and fibre from the leafy greens this is a go to morning smoothie that will keep you energised throughout the morning.


For the Girlboss

1 tsp Brainboost matcha powder

1/2 Avacado (we love frozen) 

1 Cups of Spinach

1 tbsp Cacao Powder

1 Banana

1 tbsp Almond Butter

1 cup Organic Oat Milk

The smoothie that will nourish your body and feed your brain! This drink has so many benefits and is designed for those crazy busy women who work in challenging environments that need energy, brain power and stamina. Matcha powder will give you a great source of caffeinated energy without the energy slump you may get after that fourth cup of coffee. The protein in the almond butter will also help you feel more vitalised for longer. Combined with the fat from the avocado this smoothie will satisfy you for longer and keep hunger at bay! In this recipe we've included some stunning beauty foods that not only help you glow from the inside out but are delicious and extremely nutritious for the gut. 


For the Alchemist

1 Cup of Parsley

1 Cup of Spinach

1/2 of Avocado (frozen if preferred) 

1 tbsp Maca

1tbsp Hybrid Mushroom Complex

1 tbsp Organic Almond Butter

2 Drops of Stevia (or other sweetener of choice) 

1 Cup of Water

This smoothie is a little more hardcore and might be better suited to those who are looking for a health kick rather than a delicious breakfast.  The combination of superfoods and adaptogens are incredible.  Maca is a Peruvian root that is thought to increase endurance and help moderate hormone levels.  We especially love Hybrid Herbs Mushroom Complex as it contains a plethora of mushrooms with great properties that are anti inflammatory, anti ageing and immune strengthening.  We've tried and tested this recipe and have managed to disguise most of the bitter taste of the mushrooms with the delicious almond butter and stevia.  

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