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Moon Juice Cosmic Cookbook

Moon Juice Cosmic Cookbook

Moon Juice is taking the world by storm! If you're living in the U.K. and haven't heard of Amanda Chantal Bacon then listen up!

Moon Juice was founded by Amanda in LA amongst the bustling health and wellness scene of Southern California. We have both visited her Venice Beach boutique and left wishing that we had one on our doorstop. After being so inspired by her creations, we were over the moon (pardon the pun) when we discovered that Amanda had released a cookbook and was available world wide. The subtitle of the book is enough to get you excited: Cook Cosmically for Body, Beauty and Consciousness.


Yes, you guessed right... Moon Juice is unlike any other cookbook we have come across. When reading and creating the recipes we felt like we were experimenting in our own botanical lab! However, don't be intimidated as the recipes are super easy to make. Amanda actually shares her own recipes for her stores’ most popular beverages and snacks, meaning you can create your own little Moon Juice boutique in the comfort of your kitchen.

The book opens with Amanda sharing her wealth of knowledge on 'becoming the alchemist'. What to stock in your kitchen cupboards and why she recommends these ingredients. A great deal of her advice focuses on the powerful properties of raw foods.

Before purchasing the book neither of us had dehydrators and therefore explored all the beverage recipes first. Often when making juices we are both guilty of throwing anything in that's good for you...sometimes resulting in a less than delicious taste. Amanda's combination of ingredients and flavours take juices and tonics to the next level. One of our favourite features of the book is that every recipe comes with a side note of benefits. For example, our favourite juice which we happen to be sipping on in our video was the 'minted watermelon rind with aloe' and is classed as a beauty food, alkaliser and detoxifier. Who even knew you could juice watermelon rind? (Perfect for all your zero wasters out there).


The tonics or 'well milks' section in the book combines different homemade nut milks spiked with adaptogens and herbs. For those of you wondering, adaptogens are herbs that help the body deal with stress. Natalie who is studying to be a naturopathic nutritionist is particularly obsessed with these at the moment. ‘Jam Julius’, a combination of sweet potato juice and pumpkin seed milk and 'Not Coffee' were our favourite recipes. Some of the drinks call for honey however we were easily able to adapt these by using organic maple syrup or coconut nectar.

After working our way through these cosmic creations we were convinced we needed to buy a dehydrator. A dehydrator allows you to “cook” food at a low temperature without loosing the enzymes in the raw food. Although we urge anyone without a dehydrator to still buy the book as there are plenty of recipes to make without one! 

The first dish we created was the moon muesli… which we pretty much inhaled as soon as it was ready. The combination of mulberries, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple syrup were delectable. This recipe makes a big batch of the dish, which means lots of muesli to last you a few weeks.


The last segment of the book is 'The Unbakery'. This is basically the dessert section of the book. Carrot gingerbread dough and the vanilla pastry dough are so versatile, great for both adults and children. Knowing that all the recipes are without refined sugars and use whole plant based ingredients gives you permission to lick the bowl clean! We really loved that there is a section detailing all the ways you can use the dough to make cookies, thumbprints, tartlets and cupcakes.

The Moon Juice Cookbook offers an insight into Amanda Chantal Bacon’s own alchemist kitchen and encourages a way of eating that brings about happiness and health. We can’t wait to make more from the cookbook! For anyone than wants to take plant based cooking to the next level we urge you to go and pick up a copy!

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