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Why We Love Local

Why We Love Local

We are both extremely lucky to have an amazing green grocers that specialises in organic and vegan food near by where we live in South Wales.  We realise not everyone has this luxury but we also know that people don't necessarily look out for them and shopping in large supermarkets rather than sourcing local has become the norm.  However, by the end of this post we hope to convince you that shopping locally and supporting small businesses that offer the most incredible quality groceries is not only the way forward but is also one of the ways we can secure a greener, more sustainable planet.

So why do we shop locally?

  • Eating seasonal local produce is healthier for you.

If your food has been grown and sourced locally and is organic your eating the healthiest, highest quality food available to you. This is because your food hasn't had to travel half way across the world to reach your plate and therefore is less likely to be filled with pesticides.  The produce you're buying locally also contains more nutrients since it's all been grown, picked and sold...locally! Another fantastic benefit is that because the fruit and veg you're buying hasn't been transported far it's much fresher and therefore packed with flavour and nutrients making tastier, delicious plant based meals! Eating seasonally also means eating a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.  How many of you tend to buy the same ingredients and cook the same types of meals?  It's an easy habit to fall into, but when you buy local, you have no choice but to experiment a little whilst also feeding your body the rainbow! Win win!

  •  You are reducing the amount of plastic you are consuming through buying non packaged items.

We met up with the gorgeous YouTuber and Vlogger Kate Arnell last weekend to talk to her about zero waste.  We can't wait to reveal all of the amazing advise she gave us in an up and coming video,  but before then we would recommend watching 'A Plastic Ocean' on Netflix.  It's a documentary that follows a journalist who's looking to film a hard to find blue whale but instead finds millions of tons of plastic polluting our oceans.  There are a lot of things you can do to limit the amount of plastic you consume but one of the positive changes you can make is to buy loose fruit and vegetables that aren't packaged in plastic.  We always take straw shopping bags and totes with us and fill them up.  We'll keep delicate items like tomatoes and mushrooms in a separate cotton bag..it's as easy as that.  

  • Supporting small businesses is imperative.

Through shopping local you are supporting not only the shop that sells your fruit and veg but the farmers who grow it too!  We are fortunate that our green grocers offers organic fruit and vegetables and for us supporting farmers who grow organic produce is essential!  We recently read that only 3% of the land in the UK is organic, which is shocking.  That's why supporting businesses that sell and grow organic is imperative.  Its always a good idea to ask your green grocers if their supplier use organic practices.  Although it's great to look out for organic certified produce, some local farmers may be working within organic guidelines but without a certification.  

  •  Your wallet will thank you!

When you eat locally and seasonally you are automatically choosing foods that haven't been imported and are easier for farmers to grow, which often means they are cheaper to buy. This is something that people don't tend to think about when buying groceries but once you do, it makes so much sense!  Even if you don't have a green grocers near you, research the next farmers market and we're positive you'll love what you'll find and so will your purse. 

  •  You're giving back to your community and the people that live in it.

Through spending your money at your local shop rather than a chain you're contributing to the growth of your local economy.  Supporting these businesses create more jobs, wealth and sustainability to your area, which can only ever be a huge positive!  

  •  It's environmentally friendly.

Due to local produce not having to travel very far to reach it's final destination, we're saving on transport costs and also the pollution that's caused when transporting the food. As we mentioned local businesses don't tend to package their fruit and veg in plastic so we're also consuming much less waste, which normally end up in our landfills.

We hope you enjoyed reading why we shop locally and hope even more that we've convinced you that this way of shopping is the only way!  A special thank you to Frosty Green Grocers in Pontardawe for always providing the best organic vegan and local produce and for featuring in our video.  


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