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The Greenest Hotel in London

The Greenest Hotel in London

If you follow us on social media you would have seen some footage of our jam packed trip to London a few weeks ago on our Instagram and other social media platforms.  Needless to say we had an incredible weekend and one of the main reasons for that was our stay at Qbic, a hotel that has been hailed as the greenest hotel in London.  


We both travel quite a bit and always try to prioritise where we stay.  We make a special effort to search for hotels with awesome eco friendly practices; supporting them for their commitment to the planet whilst also doing our bit as conscious consumers to encourage these establishments to keep up the good work! 


We were fortunate to stay at the hotel for three nights, which gave us plenty of time to find out exactly why Qbic was named the greenest hotel in London and experience some of these benefits first hand.  

Why we love the Qbic hotel:

  • A free drink at the bar if you opt out of having your room cleaned

What an amazing incentive!  We both thought this was a genius idea that would encourage guests to go green without them even realising it.  We decided not to have our room cleaned on the first and second night resulting in us being rewarded with a free drink each at the bar! You could opt for these drinks to be non alcoholic or choose a tea or coffee.  We were a little disappointed that there weren't any organic beverage options but it's something we would encourage Qbic to offer their guests in the future. 

  • Organic toiletries and eco friendly shower

The Qbic offer every guest toiletries from the forward thinking company STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME... This is the first natural cosmetic range that gets people to save water.  They also donate a large percentage of their profit to provide fresh and clean water to areas that need it the most through their Good Water Projects.  After using these products at Qbic we can confirm that the gentle reminder on their packaging really does work! We were both extremely conscious of turning the water off whilst washing and have continued to do so at home.  This brand also offer refills and their packaging are 100% recyclable. To learn more about this brand and their products click here (P.S not every product in their range are vegan but most are :)) The Qbic also managed to devise a system that blows air into the shower creating a hot jet of water without having to actually use more water. Clever! 

  • Filtered water in re-usable glass bottles

In your room you'll notice a glass bottle filled with filtered water rather than water in plastic bottles.  This simple but effective idea is not only reducing Qbic's waste but is saving our landfills and oceans! We would love to see more hotels offer the same kind of service. 

  • Tea and coffee making facilities at the end of each corridor

On each floor there is a tea and coffee making facility at the end of the corridor.  By not having kettles in each individual room the hotel saves on energy and water. There were also teapig peppermint and camomile tea bags placed next to each station, which we loved taking advantage of morning and evening.  We filled our keep cups with the tea to reduce our own waste, however the cups that they offer are 100% recyclable which is great to hear.

  • Green electricity through solar panels and sensor LED lights.

The Qbic have installed solar panels on their roof that generates a proportion of their electricity. Also when you're walking down the corridor you'll notice that the lights turn on and off automatically.  This saves a lot of energy and is another great, simple idea that others hotels could adopt.  They also offer electric car charging points and bikes you can hire so you can see the sites of London in the greenest way possible!

  • The quirky design of the hotel

This is something that we really didn't expect but the decor and vibe of the main lobby was superb!  We spent a lot of time there and even used that as our location for our interview with Kate Arnell.  Decorated with hanging plants and succulents, the lobby was a beautiful place to eat your breakfast, hang out and would you believe it, we even found a vegan cookbook on their book shelf!  The staff were brilliant and very kind and although they don't offer a full vegan breakfast, they were kind enough to  adapt some of the items on the menu to suit our needs.


As you can see Qbic's dedication to the environment is unquestionable and the length they've gone to lower their carbon footprint is impressive.  After reading the list above it's no surprise that the Qbic hotel won trip adviser's green leaders award and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share this wonderful hotel and their eco friendly practices with you, our readers!  A special thank you to Qbic for giving us a free nights stay at their hotel, however we promise all our thoughts and opinions on the hotel are our own.  To find out more about the qbic hotel or to stay in one of their two locations click here.  




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