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Los Angeles Haul

Los Angeles Haul

We love heading to the west coast of America.  We long for the Southern California sun, the desert...and most of all the vegan food!  Ceri is currently inhaling matcha lattes at Moon Juice and eating as many vegan doughnuts at Whole Foods and pancakes at Cafe Gratitude before her return to the UK. So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share what Nat brought back from her trip to Los Angeles last year!  

We don't know about you but we LOVE watching hauls over on You Tube, especially when it comes to vegan food hauls from all of the speciality brands over in the US.  So we'd love your feedback on this one.  Would you like to see more of these kinds of videos? If so head over to our You Tube page hit the subscribe button and give us a thumbs up.  

We hope this haul gives you some inspiration if you're planning your own trip or whether you're living in the US and are new to these products and want to try something new.  We've written an extended explanation below for those of you who are interested in learning more about the products featured.  

FEATURED PRODUCTS (in order of appearance) 

Canyon Coffee - Don't worry caffeine lovers they sell both decaf and caffeinated.  We also cant get enough of their 'morning ritual' blog.

Moon Deli - Unfortunately we can't actually see Moon Deli on the Cult Beauty website but we will keep an eye out for it in the UK and let you know. Moon Deli's ingredients are always vegan, either organic or wildcrafted and ethically- sourced.  We believe that for the quality of ingredients in each tonic blend, Moon Deli is very reasonably priced.  They categorise their products by need - stress and mood, energy and adrenals, digestion and immunity, which makes it really helpful if you are new to adaptogenic herbs!

Addictive Wellness - It would a pretty hefty statement to say in our opinion this is the best chocolate company in the world.  Well we are going to say it anyway.. their tonic elixir blends and raw sugar free and vegan chocolate are THE BEST.  Run by Anna Blanca and Sage, a couple with the most passion, knowledge and compassion for their business and their product. Combining potent herbs and superfoods with the best quality heirloom chocolate, you would not believe how they are able to make their chocolate and elixirs taste so incredible.  Addictive Wellness ship to the UK and can be found in many health and wellness stores around the US. 

Sacred Chocolate** - Another one of our favourite chocolate companies!  This chocolate is special; it's nutrient rich and they have the most interesting superfood ingredients from mushrooms, hemp, gold ormus, to turmeric and goji berries! They are made in a 100% renewable energy factory in California.  David Wolfe, one of the founders of the company is a leading expert on chocolate, raw food and health and wellness.   Receive 5% off your total order with coupon code - eatsleeporganic 

Mineral Fusion (apologies not all their products are vegan, however it is very clear on their website which of their products are vegan - including their nail varnishes).  We have also tried and would recommend their colour correcting primer and their lipstick butter!

Pacifica** (is 100% vegan brand) For those of you in the UK we have found Pacifica in Tesco, which is super cool as it's pretty hard to find natural vegan cosmetic brands on the UK high street!

Palo Santo** -  After researching a bit more into the healing properties and origins of palo santo we discovered that it can be traced back to indigenous South American medicine.  It was believed that it was a sacred incense that could cleanse the energy field around a person's body. 

Aura Cacia balt salts** -  We are desperate to get our hands on more of the Warming Balsam Fir bath salts!  We haven't been able to source them in the UK but will be sure to keep you posted.  


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