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Sustainable Sunday with Filbert

Sustainable Sunday with Filbert

Often when people hear the words faux or vegan leather, luxury isn't always a word that instantly springs to mind.  There are a great deal of cheaply manufactured vegan bags out there that are animal cruelty free but are made with materials that can be harmful to the environment and may also have been made by people who are earning unfair wages and working in awful conditions.  A lot of high street shops are coming out with faux leather bags and shoes at a very cheap price, however these cheap items mean that someone along the factory line was not treated well. 

So why pay more for a luxe vegan bag you may ask?  We understand that paying more for a bag isn't possible for everyone, but we believe it is so much better to save the money to invest in a cruelty free bag that is made with love and care and built to last.  Instead of having to buy a brand new bag every few months or every year because it falls apart or breaks.  Knowing that we have purchased a bag where the craftswoman or man have been paid fairly and treated well is also something we feel strongly about.


If you're a part of our loyal Eat Sleep Organic community you would have seen us wearing these handbags by Filbert, a luxury vegan handbag company, and know that their founder Bridget Brown was our Woman Crush Wednesday back in November!  We absolutely adore Bridget and have bonded over our mutual love for good quality vegan food and attire.  Bridget was kind enough to send us these beautiful bags, however all opinions of the bags are our own! We have been wearing them for the past couple of months and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a special luxury handbag.  


Filbert was born out of Bridget's own longing for a vegan luxe handbag that was produced and made in the USA.  

We cherish these bags for many reasons:

  • They are certified vegan by PETA
  • Production is kept within the USA, at a small 2 person ethical factory in Portland Oregon USA. 
  • Actresses vegan Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari are both fans!  
  • The materials especially the faux suede Stanyan (worn by Natalie) feel so authentic!
  • The Stanyan is machine washable!  
  • Their material (non PVC) is ethically sourced from America.  
  • The Belden clutch (as seen on Ceri) is made from USA Cone denim, organic cotton lining, USA made grosgrain ribbon and luxurious Swiss zippers. 
  • Filbert ship to the UK and our UK readers can use the unique promo code ESOFREE for free shipping!

Filbert also make the cutest cotton neckerchiefs in a myriad of designs and colours that can be worn in so many ways, even to accessories your bag.  We thought the midnight check neckerchief looked perfect paired with the Stanyan! 

We had so much fun shooting these photos in the Edwardian Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff (which for those of you that don't know is the capital City of Wales)!  There are so many cute independent coffee shops around and we especially love sitting outside Waterloo Tea rooms with our matcha lattes (we are so predictable!) watching passers by! 

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