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Happy World Vegan Day!

Happy World Vegan Day!

It’s world vegan day! We are so proud to say that being vegan and choosing to live a cruelty free life has never been easier. We are always discovering new products, companies & businesses who have either transitioned to veganism or those who are completely driven by a cruelty free lifestyle.

Today we thought we would round up some of our all time favourite items & brands that we know we can rely on to create quality vegan products and content! 


Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauristen


You might recognise Whitney Lauritsen aka Eco Vegan Gal as our August Woman Crush Wednesday. She is also by far our favourite vegan blogger and has been sharing her tips, recipes, wellness hacks and reviews online for over 10 years!! She is based in Los Angeles, the home to some of our absolute favourite vegan dinners and restaurants.  Whitney is also our business mentor and an all-round vegan health crusader!  When we both became vegan we turned to YouTube to educate ourselves more about the lifestyle and discovered Whitney's channel which became a huge inspiration to us!  Her warm and approachable character gave us an insight into the wonderful vegan offerings in the US as well an insight into the life of an experienced expert in the field of sustainability and veganism. Her YouTube channel, website and facebook offer her followers tips on ways to live more mindfully, sustainably and compassionately and we’re positive you will love her and her offerings just as much as we do! Click here to learn more about Whitney.

Pai Skincare


We have a whole blog post dedicated to Pai skincare which you can check out here. There are so many reasons why we love Pai but a few obvious ones are they're certified vegan and organic! It’s not that easy to find skin and beauty products that are non toxic, eco friendly, cruelty free, organic and vegan. This is why we are so excited to be able to introduce or re-introduce you to one of our favourite vegan skincare brands, that are not only organic but only use clean ingredients! They’re packaging is also 100% recyclable and they are certified organic! Wow! That’s pretty amazing right?! We’re confident once you try Pai you will never look back. 

Ombar - Vegan Chocolate


Who doesn’t want delicious chocolate with added benefits? Our favourite U.K. based chocolate brand is Ombar; for many reasons! Their ingredients are natural, organic and minimally processed and they actually taste freaking melt in your mouth amazing. They are also refined sugar free with added gut friendly vegan live cultures and flavonoids from raw cacao. There are so many flavours to choose from like green tea and lemon, mandarin, strawberry, blueberry and acai…I mean, it’s almost impossible to choose our favourite but we have to say that we have been loving the coco mylk buttons lately which are the perfect alternative to the ones we used to indulge in as kids.

Simply V - Vegan Shop, Cardiff


In the centre of Cardiff town, nestled in a quaint arcade opposite Cardiff Castle you will find a cute little vegan shop called Simply V!  Offering a plethora of vegan products and food; from fresh pastries, pizzas and cakes to candles, clothing and bags, this has to be our favourite place to shop for our vegan staples! Cardiff really has come a long way with it’s vegan offerings and the fact that it is now home to a dedicated vegan store is proof that living a compassionate life is becoming more important to people.  Simply V is also our go to place if we are looking for something to indulge in; they stock some of our favourite treats from Dandies (the BEST vegan marshmallows from the US that you will ever find) to kookie cat cookies (all organic and vegan).  It's like a vegan candy store!

Filbert - Vegan Accessory Brand

IMG_6093 2.jpg

Filbert - not only is filbert one of our favourite cruelty free handbag companies but their founder is also one of our favourite people! In Filbert’s own words -

“Filbert was founded on a belief that handbags could be both luxurious and mindfully-made. We've crafted beautiful, PETA-approved, vegan leather tote bags, purses, clutches, and wristlets that take you from office, to date night to weekends, along with a curated selection of the best cruelty-free accessories.”

This autumn Natalie has been using their Stanyan tote bag daily! The crazy thing is the bag feels beautifully light and delicate so you’d naturally think it wouldn’t be able to carry anything heavy, but Nat has been filling it with water bottles, a diary, snacks, reusable cutlery, makeup bag, wallet and more and it’s really maintained it’s shape and can easily hold a heavy load!

To learn more about Filbert head to our Woman Crush Wednesday post where we interviewed Bridget!

Farmacy - Vegan Restaurant


One of our favourite plant based restaurants in the U.K. is Farmacy.  As many of you probably know we geek over healthy food that tastes amazing. Farmacy has mastered the perfect combo between healthy & delectably tasty! To hear about the delicious waffles, adaptogenic lattes and wellness shots we feasted on head to our blog post on Farmacy! 

Boody Active Wear range

Boody Active Wear range

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