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The Nourish Deli Supper Club & Giveaway

The Nourish Deli Supper Club & Giveaway

As the days draw in and the cold weather is upon us we are often left feeling a little uninspired to venture outside in the evenings. So one of our absolutely favourite things to do at this time of year is seek out local events that get us inspired to go out and provide us with nourishing delicious food!

Last year we had the privilege of attending The Nourish Deli’s Autumn Supper club, and honestly we are still reliving the delicious menu! Partners Craig and Nicola are the brains behind The Nourish Deli, a plant based company that make delicious organic products and host supper clubs in Wales. With a focus on nutrition, their delicious range of foods are free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and grains! Nicola is a qualified yoga teacher and currently a Nutritional Advisor working towards a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition with The School of Naturopathic Nutrition. Similar to us at Eat Sleep Organic both Nicola and Craig developed an interest in health and wellness in order to take their own health into their own hands. Collectively they have over twenty years of experience in the catering business, with Nicola’s expertise in nutrition and Craig’s background and degree in business the couple are both are passionate about creating healthy food that tastes and makes you feel good. Their mission is to inspire people to make better choices and learn about the connection between diet and health. One of the reasons we love them so much is their dedication to sourcing organic, local plant based food and produce. They are completely transparent about where they source their ingredients.

Their seasonal supper clubs focus on inspiring menus that really do prove that plant based food that is free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and grains can be excited and delicious.

The Autumn supper club took place in such a quaint and cosy venue, The Old Library in Caerphilly. On arrival we couldn’t resist ordering a chaga and reishi brew to begin with. As you all probably know we are both into our ‘shrooms and Nat can often be found making tonics in her kitchen..this drink however was on another level. Nicola had brewed the chaga and reishi herself, it was warm, comforting and delicious! The drinks were even served in orange and yellow mugs…so seasonal (we are always about the little touches)!

For starters we had raw samosas, which were surprising light and fresh, cultured almond yogurt and green bean chutney. Nicola came around each table to tell us where the ingredients for each meal had been sourced, the green bean chutney which was home grown was so flavourful! It is pretty hard to believe that Nicola isn’t a trained chef as her choice of dishes and flavours were so complimentary.


The main course was Squash and Cauliflower Curry with Almond Paneer, Mung Bean Dahl (4 days soaked), red cabbage, tomato, carrot and cumin, cassava bread. Most ingredients for the main meal had actually been harvested the day before! The bread was amazing, it tasted exactly like a naan bread and was hard to believe it was grain free. The curry was one of the tastiest curries we had every tried (we may have to bribe them for their recipe one day!)


For dessert we tucked into Chocolate Golden Mylk Elixir and Chai Mylk. Without being too sweet the two complimented each other so well. The warm spices of the chai in the drink and the turmeric in the elixir were divine. If that wasn’t enough for our taste buds, they has also brought along some of their legendary homemade refined sugar free chocolates which we had to grab to take away! Some of the chocolates were even spiked with superfoods and adaptogens (right up our street).


We can honestly say the supper club was so memorable! Their standard of food is comparable to places that we have dined at in New York, London and Los Angeles; there is no one else in Wales quite like them!

So we’re pretty sure you’re all dying to know when their next supper club is?! We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Nourish Deli to offer our followers the chance to win two tickets to their Christmas Supper on Saturday 15th December which is taking place in The Old Library in Caerphilly! We are already salivating over their festive menu, to find out more about the event and how to enter the competition head to our facebook page!

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