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Sustainable Sunday with Ethletic

Sustainable Sunday with Ethletic

FAIR. VEGAN. SUSTAINABLE.  Three meaningful words that are at the heart of the inspiring company we have chosen for this month's Sustainable Sunday.  Meet Ethletic our favourite sneaker company aka shoes that we practically live in 247. 

There is a growing awareness around wearing organic cotton clothing and eating organic food however the conversation around what you wear on your feet isn't something you hear very often.  Sure there are a lot of vegan shoe brands out there (which we are completely grateful for and support) however just because something is labelled vegan doesn't mean it is eco friendly!  Often materials such as pvc (plastic) are used to create these shoes and actually have a negative impact on the earth because their production is quite toxic.  We have bought products made from PVC when we first turned vegan and still own them.  So don't beat yourself up about it if you have!  We are all learning! Early in our transition into a vegan lifestyle we were over the moon to find anything labelled as vegan and knowing that an animal hadn't been directly harmed in making the shoes sounded like the best news ever to us!  Educating ourselves around the impact of plastic and PVC has made us realise this isn't the best choice.  We have learnt that what you put on your feet is as important as the clothes you wear. Choosing organic cotton helps farmers, workers, the environment and your body., this is why we love what Ethletic are doing.   

We both own a pair of Fair Trainer White Cap, Ethletic's most popular sneaker and have been living in them for the past year.  Earlier this month Ethletic gifted us a pair shoes from their new Spring 2018 collection, it was pretty hard to choose a pair as there are so many cool new designs and colours.  After much deliberation we both chose the Goto High in Rose Dust!  We took them on our recent trip to California.  Brand new shoes and 8 miles of walking each day doesn't sound like a great combination does it?!  However paired with our favourite organic cotton socks from Pact they were so incredibly comfortable and got us through a lot of walking!  They are comfortable and really protect your feet.  You may think that because they are made from organic cotton they wouldn't be very protective but we can honestly say we have tried and tested them and they are 100% worth the investment.  The new crepe sole look is made of pure natural rubber for elasticity and grip.


Here are the many reasons why we support Ethletic: 


Ethletic not only ensure that their workers receive a minimum wage and that their workplace and production facilities are safe, but they give their workers a real voice in their workplace by promoting and supporting their own chosen community projects which currently include financing health insurance policies, doctors visits, hospital stays, school materials for children and clean drinking water facilities. We love that Ethletic are transparent about how they support their employees, more information about how they receive the money for community projects can be found on their website

Mark Solderbeck CEO of Ethletic says “The people who work for Ethletic aren’t numbers on a balance sheet or a cost factor for us. We know these people. We appreciate them and their skills, their commitment, their history.”


All of Ethletic's trainers are certified Vegan by PETA, meaning no animal based ingredients are used in their production.  Ethletic are committed to respecting animals and use farming methods that don’t compromise animal habitats through monocultures and overexploitation which sadly often result in these habitats being destroyed affecting both plants and animals.


Ethletic sneakers are manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.  In 2010 Ethletic became the very first sneaker on the market to be certified with the fair trade quality seal for organic cotton.  Ethletic also only use natural rubber which is FSC®-certified from sustainable plantations.  By using these materials the health of the environment and the people who wear and produce their sneakers is not compromised by toxic chemicals and pesticides.  


We bet you never realised what impact a single pair of sneakers could have!  We are so thrilled to be able to finally tell you that we have teamed up with Ethletic to give one of our lucky followers from the UK and Europe the chance to win a pair of their new collection 18 sneakers.  Be sure to check on our Instagram account for the instructions tomorrow (26/03/18). 

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