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Woman Crush Wednesday with AnnaBlanca from Addictive Wellness

Woman Crush Wednesday with AnnaBlanca from Addictive Wellness

We are so thrilled to bring an inspiring interview with an incredible business woman this month for our Woman Crush Wednesday.  AnnaBlanca is not only one half of the mastermind couple behind Addictive Wellness; the best chocolate company in the world but she is a world traveller and someone we consider to be a mentor and leader in the wellness world.  Her vibrant personality, passion and generosity filters into every aspect of her business. With the fusion of delicious chocolate with our favourite tonic herbs, AnnaBlanca and her partner Sage have made it their mission to make their superfood chocolates the tastiest around.  Packed with tonic herbs, antioxidants, adaptogens and superfoods to help you to feel more revitalised, youthful, glowing, conscious and strong.  With titles like focus, love, tranquility, recharge, beauty and energy each chocolate offers a different benefit, so not only are they incredible delicious but they are also fantastically nutritious! These are chocolates you are actually going to want to be addicted to! 

For those of our followers who have not yet have the privilege to know you or Addictive Wellness could you introduce yourself? 

Oh boy,  do you find that the most surefire way to shut someone up is to ask them to talk about themselves?  My immediate first thought is “HOLY CACAO WHERE DO I START?”  Lol..  Ok, maybe let’s start at the basics: My name is AnnaBlanca and I am half of the Addictive Wellness team…. 

I know this interview is part of the WCW series by you my dear “East Sleep Organic” founders…  and speaking of women I have to pay homage to the very long line of powerful, badass, amazing Hungarian women who created my family line, including my two incredibly strong, brilliant, supportive sisters.  Their collective stories could fill a history book.   

I have traveled the world for nearly twenty years on my own, found exciting adventures, created unforgettable memories and enjoyed exceptional independence and freedom.  Yet I have never been as happy as I am now working together with Sage:  I love that we have a business that gives our life a purpose and makes us excited to start the day. 

We make the world’s healthiest gourmet chocolates and elixir blends!  We didn’t just remove the bad stuff out of these delicious treats to make them “health neutral”   That would be so boring!  We went further and added tons of the good stuff into them:  chinese and Ayurvedic tonic herbs and south american superfoods, all the while making them taste unbelievably delicious.  

Let me put it this way - I had lots of wonderful and loving friends already but I became infinitely more popular ever since I started carrying super chocolates in my handbag wherever we go!

We would love to know how you and Sage met and how your relationship developed into a business partnership as well as couple?

There is a legendary market in LA called Erewhon.  That place holds a very special place in our hearts:  we met there for the first time, our friendship grew while Sage worked at their famous Tonic Bar and years later they were our first retailer and launched our company from their shelves!  

The day we met at Erewhon they held a big event at the Tonic Bar and I was sitting there with my friends.  Sage walked in, tanned from living, surfing, teaching in Bali. His eyes were so blue they lit up the place! He confidently made his way over to me and introduced himself.  I was impressed but really had to ask  “Just how old are you?”  - to which he replied “ I am ageless!”  

Since then I've learned that when it comes to his mind and wisdom he is about 400 years old and some day his earth years may catch up to that mythical age…..  ;)

 After that day we were friends for nearly a year deepening our connection and learning so much about each other and from each other since our biggest common interest, of course, was wellness!   We were always laughing that it took us days to watch exceptional speeches from health conferences since we would pause, discuss, research, talk endlessly!   It was inevitable that we fell in love and that love keeps getting stronger every day, even now, six years later we’re just as silly about each other as we were at the early days. 

Nothing can be more exciting than falling in love with your best friend and start working together on something that never existed before...


What's your favourite part of working together? 

That we can be together when other couples would need to be apart….   If you are not working together you get a couple hours each evening and of course there are the weekends for quality couple's time.    But when you work with your love you are together as much as you want!  Our six year long partnership nearly equals an 18 year relationship if you add up the the time that we had spent together day after day.  Thank god we love and enjoy each other’s company very very much otherwise we would be in trouble! lol

We are also lucky since our strengths fit together like interlacing fingers:  what is his forte I cannot even try to crack, it is so beyond me!  - and what I am fabulous at and love to do, would make him run to the hills.  

How do you find working 24/7 with your partner?  How are you able to separate business time with personal time?  

There is a lot of "sensual harassment”  going on in our office.  We take a LOT of hug and kiss breaks.  We have one big desk so had to figure out how to share that space, get lots of work done, respect the other’s time and keep the love-buzz in the air as well.  We actually made up some rules!  

it is important to give space to the other if they need to focus: for that we use little standing cards from my Louisa L Hay collection.  The red card means “Please, time out! I need to focus right now.”  and the blue one means “I need your attention as soon as possible!”  - these cards have improved our work flow immensely since their inception two years ago.    

Also we banned business talk in the bedroom and during our Sunday hikes, also we love a good fun trash-talk during chess games.  He always wins but it doesn't t mean I cannot tease and try to distract him!


We love that both you and Sage are also passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world through your YouTube channel, what's the one piece of advice you would give someone struggling with changing their lifestyle?

If you would like to change your lifestyle don’t set yourself up for failure. Choose one good addition to your daily routine, something that will be impactful but you can stick with.  Grand overhauls of your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Once you experience how well you start to feel, how deep you sleep, how clear your mind is getting you will want to add more good stuff into your days and the good things will eventually crowd out bad habits.

We are obsessed with your recipes online!  Which is your favourite and why?  

Anything ice cream!  I am a very lucky girl since there are evenings when we agree that I should not cook but Sage will just make us a fabulous ice cream or pudding or cookies... If you told me as a teenage girl dreaming of my ideal man that he will be gorgeous, kind, brilliant  and will make me super healthy ice-cream for dinner I would've probably fainted. 

If you could choose one superfood to keep stocked in your kitchen cupboard what would it be?

This one is a tough one.  Let me think…  Does it have to be just one? I think I can narrow it down to three maybe, but only maybe.  What I need always changes day to day, season to season, the time of my cycle is also a factor, not to mention my strange cravings!  Oh and of course there is that important factor, the voice of my body talking to me…..

But if I really had pick my top three favorites they would be He Shou Wu, Reishi and Goji Berries. 

If you could have one super power what would it be?  

To expand time and shrink distance.  If I could only create magic with a superpower I would love to have more time to spend it with those I love, adore and miss and I would love be able to click the heels of my ruby slippers and be where I would love to be instantly.   Now you got me dreaming….  sigh….. 

Who or what inspires you at the moment? 

This is an amazingly good question my darling girls!  I would have to say “WHAT inspires me...”  - I’ve found that our business and the way we constantly innovate, search, research, strive for making everything more powerful, beautiful, interesting and delicious is the source of my daily inspiration.  I have been thinking about this lately so this question is probably the one that I was able to answer the easiest.  

It has been three years since we launched our startup and building this dream has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives.  We had no idea we are capable of working this hard!   But the desire to bring the best products to our dear, loyal customers is more inspiring than anything we have ever experienced.   

What are you grateful for? 

Being able to live my dream life with a man who can love as pure and strong as Sage does, for the loving family I have, the great community I am part of, the company I proudly own, for my health and strength, for the bright future I believe in.   There is so much to be grateful for - and I am grateful for that as well! 

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