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By Chloe Review

By Chloe Review

We have been looking forward to visiting By Chloe right from the moment that we heard the restaurant was making its way across the shores to London.  By Chloe is a plant based, fast casual restaurant chain based in New York and Los Angeles and it's Covent Garden location which opened earlier this year is it's very first international location! Don’t get us wrong there are so many great places to dine in our capital city however top quality vegan American ‘diner food’ has been missing.  A company that also prioritises seasonal and organic produce where possible is music to our ears!


We are excited to share with you our latest YouTube video which takes you on a tour of the restaurant and the wonderful food that we feasted on. The decor is super cool. Fresh, young, light and uplifting - it certainly is the place to cheer anyone up on a rainy day in London.

Choosing what to eat from the menu was pretty hard. We are definitely going to find many excuses to return to try everything on the menu!  There are plenty of great gluten free options; Nat ordered the kale caesar salad with shitaki mushroom bacon and the gluten free mac and cheese with yes...more mushroom bacon. The salad was tasty, fresh and colourful and the shitaki mushrooms tasted EXACTLY like bacon. The pasta in the mac and cheese tasted just like normal pasta we really couldn't tell the difference. 


Obviously one of us had to have a burger!  Ceri ordered the classic burger with a 50/50 mix of sweet potato and normal potato fries. Which we were pretty happy about seeing as we can never decide between the two.  The burger did not disappoint. Accompanied with By Chloe’s signature beetroot ketchup, even meat eaters would not be disappointed! 


By Chloe has also released exclusive dishes for its London location, taking inspiration from classic British dishes like Shepard's Pie, sticky toffee pudding and fish ‘n chips which we ordered. 


We both ordered iced matcha lattes, as you guys know our matcha standards are pretty high, and we’ve got to be honest it wasn’t the best matcha we’ve tried. We’re pretty sure we spotted alpro almond milk which certainly isn’t the best and the matcha itself tasted pretty watery. 


The only disappointing aspect of our experience at By Chloe with was that none of the utensils, plates or cups were reusable.  We contacted By Chloe to give them our feedback on this and they told us that their plates and bowls are compostable however there was only a bin for recycling and a bin for trash in the restaurant.  They informed us that their menus, utensils, placements, cups and all other packaging are recyclable. We’d love to see a facility for diners to put their waste in a compost bin and we’d love even more for their utensils, placemats, cups and straws to be 100% biodegradable! Fortunately we had our reusable straws with us however we wish we had also brought reusable cups. So heads up bring your own reusable cup! We encourage anyone who visits to give feedback on their dining wear and hopefully as By Chloe says it’s committed to actively become more sustainable we are sure they will welcome all our feedback.


We will certainly be back at By Chloe; the food was fantastic and after spying on other dishes coming out of the kitchen, we are pretty sure we wouldn’t be disappointed by any of the dishes on the menu.  It’s so great to be able to visit a classic American vegan restaurant in the U.K.! 


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