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Feed My Happy

Feed My Happy

"We want to empower people to be more confident in choosing ingredients to feed their body with nutrients they need." - FEED founders.  

Feed was created by Gemma and Sarah, two amazing women with a wealth of experience in dining including curating events for brands globally. They both met whilst working for a marketing firm in London and have transferred their skills successfully in to building their beautiful business called Feed. Gemma is a qualified chef and trained at the Rouxbe Culinary School whilst Sarah is currently studying to be a Nutritionist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Combining both their knowledge and love of food and nutrition, Gemma and Sarah create the most inspiring, refreshing, relaxed and joyous events held year round between London and Bristol. 

Not all of Feed's events are vegan but we were lucky enough to be able to make it to one they hosted in Bristol a couple of months ago that was 100% vegan and delicious! It was hosted in Sarah's house in Clifton, which was honestly one of the most stunning spaces we've dined in. We were sat at a long wooden table in front of a big window that not only gave you the most fabulous view of Bristol and the city's architecture but also let in the most beautiful light in to the room!


When we arrived we were greeted by Gemma and Sarah who were both at hand to offer us a drink, soft or alcohol. The atmosphere was homely and comfortable, we immediately noticed there were delightful nibbles out on the table already, which got us super excited to find out what they were and tuck in!! There was a beautiful jug of water filled with fruit and herbs on the table to help ourselves to, which was such a lovely touch. The wine they offered was organic and bought from a local independent shop, which was great to hear.


The 'We Are Feed' events concentrate on specific themes. This event in particular was named 'Feed You Happy'! Sarah explained from a nutritional point of view how all of the foods we would be eating 'feed our happy' and contain ingredients that are not only kind to our gut, but to our brain too. It is such an interesting concept and totally unique to what we've seen from super clubs in the past. We were educated on the foods that we would be eating rather than just wolfing it down mindlessly. You can also choose to use the information you've learnt about the food to create your own meals at home and it really encouraged us to eat more mindfully during the event as we were reminded that different foods have a different effect on the body.  

The theme that had been chosen for the food was 'A Middle Eastern Sharing Spread' and omg did the menu look incredible!! For starters we had Roasted Red Pepper, Walnut and Haricot Dip and Roasted Beetroot and Leek Plate. The crackers that were served were also home made and we could tell that so much effort, love and patience had gone in to cooking this absolutely delicious starter! There were around five or six women at the event and we really appreciated the chance to talk to people in an intimate setting who we would never normally get the opportunity to meet. We honestly loved the socialising part of it just as much as eating the food! 




Next up on the menu was;

  • Chickpea, Squash and Courgette Tagine
  • Saffron Wholegrain Rice with Barberries
  • Kale Soya Beand and Oat
  • Baked Mushroom with Lentil and Dijon Dressing
  • Sweet Potatoes, Red Onion, Tahini and Za'atar.

This was a feast and it was all unbelievably delicious.  The colours of the dishes, the different vegetables, the greens, purple and reds together looked so amazing! It looked so fresh, healthy and vibrant and so well prepared. Gemma had put so much thought in to what flavours would pair well with each other and the presentation of the dishes were just wonderful. It was almost impossible to choose our favourite dish as they all complimented each other so well and all had an unique burst of flavour that sometimes we almost couldn't identify what we were eating. Our taste buds were going crazy! 


The dessert was Raw Salted Peanut Butter Cookies which looked too beautiful to eat. Then of course once we tried one it was almost impossible to resist another! Gemma has an undeniably talent in sourcing flavours that go well together.  Between Sarah's knowledge about nutrition and Gemma's skills in the kitchen they are an unstoppable team.  


If you ever get a chance to attend one of their events we suggest you book your tickets as soon as the event is announced because we predict that these girls won't be hosting intimate events for much longer! Their food and concept around their super clubs is unique, educational and thoroughly enjoyable. They definitely have something special and we are so happy that we were able to attend and meet some beautiful people who shared our passion for food, nutrition and self love!

You can find recipes to the dishes above and more information about We Are Feed and their events on their website here!

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