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Organic Beauty Week

Organic Beauty Week

This week marks the Soil Association's Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week, a whole week dedicated to wonderful organic beauty and wellbeing products. The campaign also highlights  'greenwashing' that unfortunately occurs in the beauty world, especially now that the words 'natural' and 'organic' are trendy.    As we've written about in past posts green washing is a term used to describe brands that mislead consumers into thinking that the products they manufacture and sell are ‘natural’ ‘green’ and organic’.  Did you know that cosmetic and beauty brands can claim to be organic even if the products they manufacture contain less than 0.01% organic ingredients?!  Unfortunately unlike food there is no legislation that makes it compulsory for cosmetics to be certified organic.  As there is no regulation in this industry the buzzword organic can be thrown around by brands! Unfortunately greenwashing is common among companies attempting to mislead consumers who are interested in this trend.

On a more positive note according to the Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report 2018, the market for certified organic and natural cosmetics has grown a whopping 24% in 2017 and is continually growing, which suggests that consumers care more now than ever about what they're putting on their skin and whether the product itself contains synthetic ingredients that compromise their health. It has been suggested that the skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. Unfortunately the skincare industry is mostly concerned with the top layers of the skin, which is why looking out for certified organic brands with natural ingredients is the way forward when shopping for skincare.

We have spoken many times about why we love organic and why the soil association certification is the way to guarantee the transparency of a brand. Although we have touched on this subject a few times before, we love talking all things organic, so don't mind us whilst we explain the benefits of why you should look out for organic ingredients in your skincare products once more!

When a plant, fruit or vegetable is grown organically, this means that the soil where the item was grown was never sprayed with any harmful pesticides or artificial chemical synthetic fertilisers that are normally used in conventional farming. Organic farming uses only natural, non-synthetic materials to obtain the plant, vegetable or fruit that's grown. (Some fertilisers are allowed but under the Soil Association certification the ones permitted contain naturally derived ingredients that encourage a healthy fertile environment and soil). As a conscious consumer looking for certified organic products the first thing you should look out for in the UK, is the Soil Association Organic stamp which looks like this:


The great news is is that this certification not only guarantees that the product contains organic ingredients but it also means the item has;

  • Never been tested on animals
  • Is better for the environment
  • Contains organic and natural ingredients
  • Does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
  • Protects wildlife 
  • Uses natural colours and fragrance 
  • Free from nano particles, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances.  

Companies that carry this certification have gone through vigorous testing by the Soil Association to ensure the highest of standards are met, they independently review every part of the manufacturing process including sourcing of ingredients, formulation procedures and premises, as well as packaging.  Consumer clarity is something the Soil Association are also passionate about and therefore they also review brands’ approach to marketing.  So you know for sure every step that the company has taken has been scrutinised and checked! 

After recently attending the Natural and Organic Products Europe trade show we discovered some wonderful brands that carry the soil association certification.  Here are just a few amazing British brands that we discovered that are also vegan!

Bentley Organic - a fantastic range from soap to body care, hair care, baby care and a unique range of household cleaning products.  

KINN - aromatherapy based products for the body. 

Nourish - a British skincare company that offers ethically sourced, vegan skincare including our favourite probiotic mask.

Pai - you can check out a detailed post on Pai on our site here.

MuLondon - a beautiful range of certified organic, vegan and B certified facial cleansers and moisturisers. 

Intelligent Nutrients - famous for their shampoos and hair care products they now also offer a fantastic skincare range that is 100% vegan, cruelty free and certified organic.

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