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Motivation to move!

Motivation to move!

When it comes to exercise, motivating ourselves on a daily basis especially when we're super busy, it's cold and dark outside or when we're just not feeling it can be tough! There are some weeks or months where we feel like we are on a roll; working out regularly, feeling motivated and energetic, until we miss a day or two and end up falling off the workout wagon all together.  This is usually followed by us being hard on ourselves and feeling like we've failed.  In those moments it's easy to quickly forget the adrenaline rush we get after a workout and the sense of achievement we feel when we've completed one. 

If this sounds familiar then you're not alone! It happens to the best of us and if you're anything like us the longer we procrastinate the harder it is to find the motivation to get moving again and we find ourselves using the old 'not having enough time to work out' excuse. The only problem is when we do find the courage, energy and inspiration to exercise we will normally throw ourselves in to it and loose motivation soon after. However lately we have been taking a new approach to exercise, opting for exercises and classes that are fun and enjoyable that don't feel like such a chore or that we dread.  Working out for us is about feeling good in our own bodies as well as feeling strong and powerful.  We've been really listening to our bodies and are learning when to go hard and when to take our foot off the throttle.  Not being hard on ourselves if we miss a workout and instead choosing workouts that fit around the free time that we have.  

So naturally we wanted to share our inspiration with you to help keep you motivated for longer and remember how good it feels to move your body, even if it's just for 10 minutes each day.  

Whether you've been working out for a while or are still struggling to find the incentive to exercise, the YouTube videos that we are about to share will help guide, strengthen, inspire and push you in all the right ways! We love these videos because;

1) They are completely free! YAS! 

2) They can be done from your own home! Whoohoo! 

3) They range from short de-stressing yoga routines to fun dance workouts and hard core HIIT sessions!

Shona Vertue 10 Minute Energy Boosting Stretch Sequence

Our first video is by the beautiful Shona Vertue. You may have heard of her incredibly popular book, The Vertue Method however we have found the best way to to follow her workouts is over on her YouTube channel. She has so many different workouts ranging from intense interval training to de-stressing yoga routines. If you're someone who is looking to get back in to exercising and are after a short routine that you can practice every day, then this is perfect for you! Stretching our bodies is so underrated and as a yoga teacher in training Ceri knows that increasing our flexibility can also help us to loosen any physical and emotional tension.  Practicing this routine daily will help to keep you motivated, more agile, relaxed and strong. Plus it's just 10 minutes!!! 

Kait Hurley's Ass Class and Pranayama

We love everything about Kait Hurley and her workouts from her outfits to her choice of workout buddy! She is super talented and super fit!! The Ass Class and Pranayama is the perfect workout for someone who wants to build up their stamina and push themselves to get results.  We have found that doing this workout once or twice a week as well as the above workout has loosened our bodies and introduced us to practicing a range of different exercises, changing it up so neither we or our bodies gets bored! If you haven't exercised in a while then just be mindful, taking regular breaks and drinking plenty of water! You've got this! 

30-Minute Feel Good Dance Cardio Workout To Burn Calories

Who said exercising can't be fun? Our third and final workout is by the amazing Amanda Kloots, a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette and now celebrity trainer! Her workouts are a mixture of dance and cross training and are excellent for both toning the body and burning calories. Amanda developed the jump rope method using just the jumprope to get a full body workout. You can find out more about her method and even book a class on her website here. This particular video is 30 minutes and is perfect for practicing twice a week to build up stamina, work on co-ordination and balance whilst helping you to tone and shred! Natalie is definitely the best dancer on our team but Ceri loves a challenge and after practicing this workout once a week, it becomes easier and easier each time as your muscle memory kicks in! 

Since we have been moving our bodies in different ways these past couple of months we have finally been able to celebrate all our victories.  As well as the above workouts a victory for us can be an hour walk around the block, a ten minute ab video or skipping rope, an intense dance workout or absolutely anything that involves movement.  We feel so grateful to be able to move in our bodies and have found that feeling gratitude in our bodies is a helpful reminder to get moving and celebrate our movement!  We really hope we have inspired you to get moving! 



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