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Zero and Low Waste Bathroom Products

Zero and Low Waste Bathroom Products

Aside from 'what's in your fridge/handbag and makeup case' we are often ask what our favourite bathroom essentials are!  And obviously when we're asked a lot about a topic we always consider turning our answers into a blog post.  Although neither of us claim to be zero waste, we do strive in anyway possible to cut down on plastic and support companies that are making mindful changes and whose mission is to tread as lightly on this earth as possible.  

We love the term 'low waste' as we have found that this describes our values perfectly. We admire a great deal of influencers and environmentalists who have dedicated their lives to the 'zero waste' movement and manage it flawlessly.  We strive to make impactful changes in our lives to support the environment but understand that everyone is on their own journey and believe that making small positive changes in our day to day lives is a great way to start.  

We are always on the look out for products that fit in with our lifestyle!  We make sure that the item or brand is cruelty free and does not test on animals. Then we check the ingredients to make sure the item is vegan and doesn't contain any animal products or toxic ingredients. As many of you know we are passionate about organic so we also look for certified organic ingredients and the organic Soil Association stamp. If the product ticks all of the above boxes and is also zero or low waste then you'll probably catch us jumping for joy! 

We believe that collectively consumers are beginning to take the lead by making their voices heard all over social media and the news to encourage brands and bigger companies to revaluate materials used in packaging. We have witnessed such as shift lately as more and more of us are educating ourselves through documentaries like 'Plastic Ocean' on Netflix  about the impact that we are having as consumers on the planet.

We always try to remember to carry our water bottle and coffee cup with us everywhere. It's the small consistent things that we do that really make a huge difference to the sustainability of this planet, so if you're currently looking for an eco friendly water bottle, we can highly recommend the BKR 1 Litre bottle and we love our KeepCup for coffee, matcha or hot drinks on the go. 

We have shared before some of our favourite skincare and makeup products that are all vegan, cruelty free, contain organic ingredients and are non toxic which you can see here, here and here. Some of these products may have been zero waste but not all, so we wanted to focus specifically on low waste and zero waste products and introduce you to brands that are not only vegan, cruelty free, non toxic and contain organic ingredients but are also low waste! PHEW! That's a lot to ask for....but they exist!

Menstrual Cup - Organicup

OrganiCup is the award winning menstrual cup that has replaced pads and tampons and honestly, it's a game changer! We both use our OrganiCup and are huge huge advocates of it. Not only is it healthier for us because it's chemical free but it also saved us so much money. You can keep the cup inserted for up to 12 hours, which means you can crack on with your day and not have to worry about popping to the toilet every few hours. Also it lasts a lifetime, so once you've purchased one you are sorted for the rest of you life! It's the safest and most eco friendly option we've found and it really works. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 15.04.17.png

Cleanser & Moisturiser -  Heavenly Organics Skincare

We are so excited to bring this brand to your attention, not only because they're fabulous, organic, vegan and low waste but they're also local! Heavenly Organics are based in South Wales and their range offers so many incredible bathroom products from facial cleansers to scrubs, masks, zero waste shampoo's, facial oils, deodorant, body butter, body scrubs and so much more. You name it, they have it! It's all natural, vegan friendly and comes in a reusable container. They will even knock 50p off your order if you don't mind a product with a dented lid. Check them out here

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.32.32.png

Shampoo - Oway

We have spoken about Oway products in a previous post here. We are super lucky to be living near two salons that use Oway hair dyes and products and we're always over the moon with the results. Oway is the first professional haircare company based on zero mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants and essential oils, which is pretty impressive! Oway boast of their transparency as a company and their ingredients are clearly listed on the product. Not all of their products are vegan since some contain beeswax and honey so just be mindful when purchasing that you do read the ingredients list if you're specifically looking for a vegan product. All of their shampoos come in glass bottles, a naturally derived material that is 100% recyclable or reusable. The bottles are so pretty that we actually reuse them as hand and cleaning dispensers.  We have contacted our salons to see if they could offer a refill service as we have seen this offered in London.  Unfortunately the service hasn't been offered everywhere but we have our fingers crossed that it will soon.  

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Deodorant & Body Wash - Meow Meow Tweet

Confession time, we haven't actually tried any products from the Meow Meow Tweet range YET, however we have heard great things about them! We have really struggled with finding a natural deodorant that works and have found that the best one so far has been ones we have made ourselves at home. If you're interested in making your own then we can highly recommend following this super simple and easy tutorial from 'Sustainably Vegan'. If you feel like that sounds too time consuming for you at the moment another option could be Meow Meow Tweet. Their deodorant stick comes in 5 different scents including a baking soda free one which for Ceri, who is prone to getting a reaction from baking soda is awesome! The push up tub is made from paper so it's 100% biodegradable. Their soap bars are also zero waste and made from paper and after finding their cinnamon and coffee (using fair trade coffee beans) bar we are sold! To check all of Meow Meow Tweet's products out click here

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Toothbrush - Bamboo toothbrush

If you haven't upgraded your toothbrush from a plastic to a bamboo one yet, then what are you waiting for? Over 99% of the toothbrushes in the world are made of plastic, the majority of which cannot be recycled and end up in landfill or into our water ways and oceans. This is your zero waste alternative, a bamboo toothbrush that is 100% biodegradable! We both use one and find them brilliant! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 09.33.16.png

Toothpaste - Georganics zero waste toothpaste with activated charcoal

This natural toothpaste comes in a glass container which you can decide to recycle or keep to use for other purposes! This natural toothpaste is made with organic coconut oil and natural minerals, offering the best natural way to clean your teeth! The toothpaste is SLS and fluoride free and can be used as a teeth whitener as well as a cleanser. We love the Georganics range and are huge fans of their coconut oil pulling mouthwashes too! 

We really hope that this post has inspired and helped you to find some zero and low waste bathroom products that are not only vegan, cruelty free and natural but are sustainable and safe for the planet! 

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