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We are over the moon to be able to share with you that one of our favourite spiritual guides has launched her own course, Rise!

We are not going to dive in and try and sell you this course without giving you our personal connection with Ashley! Although Ashley is now a spiritual teacher and intuitive guide we first followed Ashley when she was a vegan food blogger, even back then we knew she had an innate gift to connect with people. Ashley really made you feel like she was a friend who you could lean on and draw inspiration from.  She would share her personal growth, her struggles and her dreams.  In January this year we interviewed her for our Woman Crush Wednesday series and boy how her career and life has changed since then! 

Early this year Ashley launched her podcast Manifest This! which naturally grew into a podcast about spirituality practices and the journeys of inspiring women.  She realised that her divine purpose was to read the Akashic Records which are an energetic record of all souls containing information about their past, present and possible future lives.  After being inspired by Ashley's podcasts we knew we had to book an Akashic records reading with her.  It was a life changing experience, neither of us have ever felt compelled to visit a clairvoyant or spiritual guide before and the akashic records were completely new to us. Ashley downloaded information that was so personal to each of us that has supported us to make changes in our lives to reach our goals! 

It has been so inspiring to watch her thrive in her new career and life path and manifest change in such a short space of time.  Ashley has been on the most incredible journey over the last year and we can’t even begin to tell you the ways in which she has inspired us. We both thought it was very brave to transition away from food blogging into a completely different business! During the past few months Ashley’s life has transformed and we’ve been witness to the incredible change and direction that her life has taken through listening to her podcast and following her on Instagram. Ashley has shown us how anything is possible! Which got us thinking what's her secret?!  In the past year Ashley has launched a very successful podcast, completely changed her focus for her business whilst also raising her beautiful daughter, Ivy! 

Ashley has designed this course for those of you that want to learn how to connect with your intuition, learn how to interpret it and really want to create lasting change. Just like Ashley has! 

We at Eat Sleep Organic are passionate about sharing things with you that light us up! It is our desire to share with you the things that we whole heartedly believe in. We truly believe that Ashley’s wisdom, tools and knowledge will lift you up, light a fire in your belly and inspire you to connect with your intuition not only for yourself but for the people around you, the planet and the animals who live on it too!

We believe in Ashley and we also believe in this course! We have seen what Ashley has manifested in her own life and we believe she has the power the help millions of women around the world to listen to their intuition n what it is that they want in their lives, realise their dreams and make them a reality!

Ok! So what is Rise and who is it created for?

  • Do you want to know yourself on a deeper level?

  • Do you have projects you’ve been wanting to start but you’re unsure why you haven’t started them yet?

  • Do you feel like you have blocks preventing you from moving forward in your life?

  • Do you know that you’re meant to do something more in your life but you don’t know what that looks like

  • Do you feel as though you have had a connection with your intuition but you’d like to strengthen it or you want to understand it or want to understand how to use it

In Ashley’s words this 6 weeks course is designed to help you ‘mute the outside noise, overcome self-doubt, unblock self-belief, identify your intuition, and reconnect to the most authentic version of yourself. Everything in the course—the rituals, meditations, intentions, activities—combines my experiences, stories, knowledge, and channeled direction from our most trusted guides, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones from the Akashic Records. At the end of the six weeks you will have the tools and rituals that you can use to heal and expand’.

There are so many incredible bonuses in the course! Ashley will be providing you with:

  • weekly video lectures in which Ashley shares her story of how she overcame her limiting beliefs, unblocked her intuitive abilities, connected to her Divine gifts and transformed her life

  • A weekly guided meditation that is specific to each module's content and goals

  • Weekly intentions, practices, rituals and activities

  • A Soul Session virtual circle every Saturday where Ashley coaches you through each module and answers your questions

  • A virtual New Moon Circle

  • a virtual Full Moon Circle

  • Access to the private RISE Together Facebook group to find connection and support with the other women in this course

This is a chance to take control of your life, access your unique authentic gifts, flow with your Divine Feminine Force, and RISE!

The course begins on October 7th and you can register TODAY through clicking on the link HERE.* You will also find an option for a payment plan, which is such a great bonus! If you do register the course material will never expire and you will always have access to these tools with you to help you to continue to RISE

* contains affiliate link

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