Happy Healthy Holiday Workshop!

Happy Healthy Holiday Workshop!


We love the holidays more than anyone and are the first to reach for our favourite mince pies, curling up on the sofa to watch repeat showings of Home Alone over and over again...however we know what it feels like to feel sluggish, guilty and like we’ve completely fallen off the bandwagon, taking drastic action in the New Year to try and detox and feel like our best selves again.

What if we told you that we could give you the tools to get through the Christmas period feeling like your happiest, healthiest self whilst also supporting you in the new year so that you continue to feel just as energised, focused and happy.

Join us for our very first event, 'Healthy Happy Holiday!' where Ceri will be teaching a Yoga class focused on the breath and getting rid of tension stored in the body. The class will be an introduction to a sequence you can practice everyday at home. She will also be guiding us through a short meditation to calm the mind, helping you to feel grounded and in control. Natalie will be sharing with you how you can make better choices this Christmas with the food you choose to buy, setting realistic and achievable health and wellness goals during the holidays!

As our guest at the event you will also receive a specially curated gift bag to take home full of goodies to support your health and vitality during the holidays!

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